With a significant number of factors all converging to place pressure on life science companies, 2023 is set to be a challenging year for CIOs. Gartner’s predictions for the 12 months ahead put all these factors into perspective, and offer forecasts for the upcoming year – predictions that LS CIOs can use to understand the potential changes to the industry.

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The key findings of the Gartner paper are:

  • A large number of life sciences organisations focus on optimising business without challenging current business models. Adjacent industries and start-ups are driving disruptive innovation and primarily digital-first strategies will place significant pressure on incumbents.
  • Drug discovery and development is changing, with leading-edge technology at the forefront of this revolution. Personalised medicine is now transitioning from concept to reality.
  • Even with many years of investment in the data and analytics aspects of life science, organisations are still not able to demonstrate and deliver value at scale.

With a “triple squeeze” consisting of persistently high inflation, a shortage of skilled talent, and continuing supply chain issues, there are serious threats to life science projects. However, by understanding the challenges ahead, life science CIOs can plan to mitigate risk and fine-tune their strategic goals, transforming their business and operating models alike.

With their analysis, key findings, market implications, and recommendations, Gartner’s predictions for 2023 can help  CIOs to roadmap their business strategy, define their technological investment, and fine-tune their capabilities.

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