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Many LIMS and ELN projects are not considered successful. Given this situation, we have developed our own unique approach to deployment. This methodology is called VEDI (View, Elaborate, Define and Integrate). VEDI helps guide laboratories through key phases in their project deployment. VEDI leverages new agile project methods and is enriched by our experience in the deployment, configuration and development of applications for a wide variety of laboratories.

VEDI is an effective methodology which quickly leads to solutions that meet the needs and expectations of users. It facilitates innovation and enables the deployment of appropriate configured business specific solutions.
Renaud Acker, Chief Operation Officer

An agile method for LIMS and ELN projects

An iterative process

Each iteration is named “timebox” (TB). Priorities and solutions are selected and validated for the next TB. TB can reduce overall project costs by helping to identify potential problems as early as possible and minimize the risks. VEDI provides these benefits through the establishment of a short loop between you and our team. This avoids the classic tunnel effect found in other project processes. Such an approach is possible thanks to the RAD (Rapid Application Development) philosophy of our applications.

An interactive process

VEDI promotes cooperation between all project stakeholders, including the customer domain experts and IT, and the AgiLab project manager and application consultants. Opinions and experiences of each participant are embraced and are used to enrich and complement one another, especially in the specification of business workflows (terms, processes, functionality) and solutions assessment sessions. This human-centered approach of working together stimulates creativity while defining a common consensus on the solution to meet your needs.