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Combining our expertise…

The robustness and reliability of our solutions is a priority. To provide a complete service, we work with a number of qualified partners, for the most complementary strategic and technological support.

AgiLab is a gold partner of Oracle® and expert in Oracle ® technology such as Application Express, Business Intelligence Publisher, Warehouse Builder, SQL Developer and DataModeler. We deliver web application development with high added value by using Oracle® products.

Oracle, partenaire AgiLab

AgiLab is a partner of ChemAxon who develop solutions for chemists. This partnership provides robust and essential chemical functions in ELN ChemLab, our ELN for chemists.

Chemaxon, partenaire AgiLab

AgiLab is a partner of Qualilab, an expert in Quality, Validation and Statistics in R&D and Manufacturing. The CAPA (Corrective Action Preventive Action) module is one of the outputs from our collaboration.

Qualilab, partenaire AgiLab

AgiLab is a CIFL member (Interprofessional committee of laboratory suppliers) which is a professional association created in 1960. The CIFL gather companies evolving in public and private research, control and analysis.