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agilab science microlab

MicroLab is a Laboratory Information System (LIMS) for microbiology laboratories. It provides functionality such as managing and monitoring of strains and cultures, methods definition, tests plan generation with adapted data entry grids, and automated assistance in the interpretation of results. MicroLab can be used as-is or directly configured by users.

MicroLab is part of the AgiLab Science platform and is easily integrated with our other specialized applications and modules.

Key features

  • Strains and cultures
  • Microbiology methods
  • Analytical workflow
  • Tests plans
  • Data entry
  • Analysis reports
  • Data analysis
  • Automatic interpretation of results
  • Employee authorizations
  • Safety
  • Traceability
  • Regulatory conformity

Illustrations of MicroLab

A unique application for microbiology

MicroLab allows microbiologists to directly configure different tests and rules of interpretation without the need for IT specialists. Strains, concentrations and time can be adjusted on case by case basis, according to the specified method.

MicroLab can be used for many different types of tests including effectiveness, count and challenge tests in businesses where microbiological analysis are essential such as environment, food processing industry, pharmaceutical and cosmetics.