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Many companies are wasting valuable time by managing their core business information using spreadsheets, email and local file storage. This causes complications with simultaneous data updates, lack of data integrity and failure to adhere to compliance standards

Improving your productivity

By consolidating multiple spreadsheets into a single database, you receive the following benefits:

  • simultaneous updates by multiple users
  • real-time access to a single source of information
  • improved data security, consolidation and higher availability
  • compliance to business standards such as 21 CFR Part 11 and ISO 17025

Managing a laboratory project, (im)possible mission??

According to a SelectScience® study, most laboratory information system implementations fail because of project management. Examples include:

  • over-specification

  • lack of prioritization and development needs

  • low involvement of the project team

  • failure of change management

  • inadequate software

  • inadequate management of project context

To help avoid these situations, AgiLab has designed VEDI, our own project methodology for the successful deployment of LIMS and ELN.

Controlling challenges and impacts

We understand that technology alone does not ensure the success of a project. The success of the technology is closely associated with an appropriate deployment methodology and expert advice. AgiLab provide a range of services and access to our services team to assist with the deployment.

Prior to starting your project, we recommend a study of your current architecture, organization and workflows to develop an “as is” view of the current business structure.

We can then work with you to develop a future state “to be” vision that is consistent with your objectives, with a clear set of actions to achieve your goals.

Our combination of scientific and technology expertise, coupled with our experience with laboratory process allow us to easily understand and implement your laboratory data management requirements and to ensure your deployment meets your expectations. We advise and support you at all stages of decision making and during key phases of your project.
Renaud Acker, Chief Operation Officer