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The largest challenge to the food and beverage industry is the control of product quality throughout the production chain and adhering to regulations, such as Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) to guarantee the safety of foods for consumers.

The AgiLab Science platform provides a single platform to meet the laboratory and regulatory standard compliance needs, leveraging the AgiLIMS applications

AgiLab Science can be used to perform a variety of product physical chemistry analysis, validation of product compliance with the customer specifications and to fix recommendations to control product quality throughout the production chain. The Quality management module provides storage and search capability for laboratory documentation such as office files, PDFs, images and raw data files to facilitate access to data such as information security and regulatory standards.

Benefits of the AgiLab Science platform for the food and beverage industry

Functionalities of AgiLIMS

  • Sample management
  • Recording and monitoring of analysis results
  • Analysis report

Functionalities of the Activity module

  • Indicators of laboratory activity
  • Workload
  • Task scheduler

Functionalities of the Admin module

  • Barcodes, labels
  • Employee authorizations management
  • Traceability management
  • Digital signature
  • Data audit
  • Compliance with HACCP, ISO 17025
  • Data security

Functionalities of the CAPA & Quality module

  • Non-compliance management, correctives and preventives actions
  • Action plans
  • Adding attachments for technical and regulatory information…
  • Document management related to sample, analysis, instruments…

Functionalities of the Metrology module

  • Instruments management
  • Planning of metrological control tasks
  • Life sheet of instruments

Functionalities of the Reference module

  • Analysis and specifications
  • Control plans, planning
  • Sampling points

Our specialized LIMS for microbiology laboratories, makes it possible to configure, generate and track the different enumeration, identification and challenge tests corresponding to the regulatory standards.