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AgiLIMS® can be used to support scientists in the environmental sector for all their daily tasks. As part of the AgiLab Science platform, it is used to manage complex data more efficiently and avoid transcription error risks through the automatic integration of results from instruments. AgiLIMS®, is an ergonomic, intuitive LIMS application designed for ease of use. Users can configure and subscribe to alerts so they can track multiple projects and be informed in real time of the laboratory activity.

The type of analysis is both configurable and extensible. The standards and associated quality assurance (QA) sheets can be completed with the necessary approvals and authorization to perform the analysis. Environmental laboratories can register multiple sample batches to save time during data entry and increase data reliability.

Benefits of the AgiLab Science platform for the environmental industry

Functionalities of AgiLIMS

  • Customers management
  • Estimate and orders
  • Invoicing
  • Analysis requests
  • Sampling tours management (organization and receipt)
  • Receipt in the laboratory management (received, pending status updated, Lab worksheet edition)
  • Quality control and R & D operations management
  • Results management (input/verification, validation, release, analysis report approval)
  • Control charts management
  • Exchange of results with external and internal solutions
  • Sharing of results and data research

Functionalities of the Activity module

  • Indicators of laboratory activity
  • Workload
  • Task scheduler

Functionalities of the Admin module

Functionalities of the CAPA module

  • Non-compliance management, correctives and preventives actions
  • Action plans

Functionalities of the Metrology module

  • Instruments management
  • Planning of metrological control tasks
  • Life sheet of instruments

Functionalities of the Reference module

  • Analysis and specifications
  • Control plans, planning
  • Sampling points

The AgiLab Science platform increases efficiency and productivity of environmental laboratories at affordable costs. AgiLIMS® is a flexible application that can be configured to meet the specific needs of the business, whether the laboratories are for analysis of water, air, soil or another environmental factor.