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A LIMS for analysis laboratories in the energy sector must be both flexible and adaptable to the changing needs of the business.

The AgiLab Science platform, provides configurable workflows, customizable interactive dashboards and configurable reports allowing laboratories to design and implement a completely modular system, using AgiLIMS® and its complementary functional modules to provide the ideal solution for the energy sector.

Benefits of the AgiLab Science platform for the energy industry

Functionalities of AgiLIMS

  • Sample management
  • Analysis results management
  • Employee authorization management

Functionalities of the Activity module

  • Indicators of laboratory activity
  • Workload

Functionalities of the Admin module

  • Integration with third party systems (e. g. ERP)
  • Barcodes, labels
  • Traceability management
  • Audit and security

Functionalities of the Material module

  • Stock control (products, materials, consumables…)
  • Alerts and notifications (subscription by email)

Functionalities of the Metrology module

  • Instruments management
  • Planning of metrological control tasks
  • Life sheet of instruments

Automation of data capture from instruments and file import eliminates transcription errors and manual entry of redundant data, saving value time for analysts which can be spent innovating and developing new tests.

AgiLIMS® can assist in optimizing resource management (human and material), while ensuring safety and full traceability.

The AgiLab Science platform provides everything required for the successful operation of a fully functioning and effective R&D or quality control laboratory in the field of energy.