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The AgiLab Science platform can be deployed either on-premise or in the Oracle Cloud. Choose the most suitable strategy for your business and take advantage of high technical and functional scalability.

The cloud provides an excellent opportunity to laboratories looking for rapid deployment with minimal internal IT requirements. The cloud environment can be quickly adapted to meet changing demands, has high availability and data security ensuring consistent continuity of work.
Sébastien Dorey, Chief Technical Officer


You can deploy the AgiLab Science platform on a server in your own network in order to directly manage performance and coherence. The AgiLab Science platform can be deployed directly into your existing Oracle® database infrastructure allowing you to keep full control of your environment and full integration with your IT ecosystem.

Oracle Cloud

The AgiLab Science platform can be deployed directly into the cloud, using the robust <b>Oracle cloud</b> platform. This removes any requirement to purchase and configure new hardware, reducing costs and minimizing risk while providing greater security, flexibility and reactivity.

Oracle Application Express, a unique platform

The AgiLab Science platform is developed using Oracle® Application Express (APEX). This is a 100% web development environment provided as standard with any version of Oracle®. This also allows us to create Web 2.0 applications (HTML5 & CSS3) which are modular, powerful and secure. This technology gives our platform robust sustainability, durability and quality.