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Innovation is extremely important in the cosmetics sector, especially when it comes to the product formulation, manufacturing and packaging. In addition, companies must be able to prove the indicated effects, ensure product safety for the user and the environment and adhere to very strict European regulations on cosmetic products.

Companies must be able to innovate and quickly bring to market new products while respecting the highest quality standards. Data management strategies should be implemented to increase efficiency and traceability.

Our combination of scientific and technology expertise, coupled with our experience with cosmetics laboratory process allow us to easily understand and implement your laboratory data management requirements.

Benefits of the AgiLab Science platform for the cosmetic industry

Functionalities of AgiLIMS

  • Sample and sample batch workflow
  • Challenge tests management
  • Microbiological assays
  • Results management, data exploitation
  • Alerts and notifications (subscription by email)

Functionalities of the Activity module

  • Indicators of laboratory activity
  • Workload
  • Task scheduler

Functionalities of the Admin module

  • Integration with third party systems (e. g. ERP)
  • Traceability management
  • Data audit
  • Data security

Functionalities of the CAPA & Quality module

  •  Non-compliance management, correctives and preventives actions
  • Action plans
  • Adding attachments for technical and regulatory information…
  • Document management related to sample, analysis, instruments…

Functionalities of the Metrology module

  • Instruments management
  • Planning of metrological control tasks
  • Life sheet of instruments

Functionalities of the Reference module

  • Analysis, limits and specifications
  • Analysis protocols model

The AgiLab Science platform, consisting of AgiLIMS®, MicroLab, ChemLabFormuLab and BioLab provides all the functionality required to manage R&D and quality control data.

Workflows for analysts, microbiologists, chemists, biologists and toxicologists and formulators are all managed and supported.