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Increasingly strict regulations within the chemical industry means that companies must combine competitiveness, safety and respect for the environment while still increasing efficiency and product quality.

The AgiLab Science platform enables chemistry laboratories to achieve these objectives by optimizing the management of data, information and collaboration.

All the functionality required to fully support an integrated regulated chemistry laboratory are managed by the AgiLab Science platform, leveraging AgiLIMS® LIMS and ChemLab the business application for chemistry.

The AgiLab Science platform can also be used to record the process, analysis of materials and products synthesized, from sampling to the interpretation of results, in order to characterize the physical chemistry properties of a product and its components.

Benefits of the AgiLab Science platform for the chemical industry

Functionalities of AgiLIMS

  • Physical chemistry analysis
  • Sample and sample batch workflow
  • Results management, data exploitation
  • Alerts and notifications (subscription by email)

Functionalities of ChemLab

  • R&D organization
  • Collaboration and data sharing
  • Data segmentation and security
  • Reactions and molecules management
  • Experiments & assays
  • Reactions and compounds search
  • Raw materials management and search
  • In silico calculations
  • Processes management

Functionalities of the Admin module

  • Barcodes, labels
  • Employee authorizations management
  • Traceability management
  • Digital signature
  • Data audit
  • Compliance with ISO 17025
  • Data security

Functionalities of the Material module

  • Stock control (products, materials, consumables…)
  • Reagents and consumables
  • Localization and sample library
  • Emplacements, stocks and safety related to the use of reagents and consumables

Functionalities of the Metrology module

  • Instruments management
  • Planning of metrological control tasks
  • Life sheet of instruments

The AgiLab Science platform can be interfaced directly with third-party software such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools, to reduce the risk of transcription errors, to save time and to encourage collaboration.

The platform provides complete traceability of R&D operations and quality control laboratories, with configurable alerts to ensure optimal quality control and to comply with the highest safety requirements.