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FormuLab is the business application for formulations, providing formulators with a new perspective for the daily management and monitoring of their formulation activity.

Formulators can manage, monitor and share creation of new mixtures, the recording of mixture assays and description of processes with colleagues in a fully compliant, secure, regulated environment.

FormuLab is part of the AgiLab Science platform and is easily integrated with our other specialized applications and modules.

Key features

  • R&D organization

  • Lab notebook

  • Experiments and assays

  • Mixtures

  • Raw materials

  • Analysis

  • Collaboration & sharing

  • Safety

  • Traceability

Illustrations of FormuLab

A new approach for the formulation

FormuLab provides a fully integrated system for formulation management and analytical test results of raw materials and mixtures. In addition to centralization of formulation data, FormuLab provides a wide range of data analysis tools such as historical tracking, dashboards, graphs, calculations and audit trails.