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BioLab is the business application for biology, helping biologists to manage, monitor and share experimental data daily with collaborators. BioLab supports the full diversity of experiments performed in biological R&D laboratories.

BioLab is part of the AgiLab Science platform and is easily integrated with our other specialized applications and modules.

Key features

  • R&D organization

  • Lab notebook

  • Experiments and assays

  • Data entry

  • Sample analysis

  • Data analysis

  • Collaboration and information sharing

  • Safety

  • Traceability

Illustrations of BioLab

An innovative laboratory notebook

BioLab contains many innovative features such as configurable calculations on plates, different result types, innovative presentation of results and pictures, dashboards, dynamic and interactive graphs, integrated spreadsheet, graphical description of protocols and processes and an online bibliography.

BioLab is the first collaborative application for the centralization of electronic notebooks and the management of biological knowledge to use the very latest web technology.