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The AgiLab Science platform is a new generation of applications for laboratories. In our opinion, the term “new generation” means providing solutions that are not only built using the most recent technology and architecture but also with adaptability, flexibility and agility to meet the needs of laboratories at a lower cost.

Benefits of the AgiLab Science platform

A unique LIMS and ELN platform

Formulations, Microbiology and Quality Control. These different R&D business areas can communicate and collaborate in a more fluid way, easily sharing data around samples, batches and test results, facilitating better collaboration and knowledge sharing. Cross-departmental processes are easy to implement and specific extensions to the workflows can be deployed without significant effort, while maintaining business continuity and data integrity.

Our studies on the competitive advantages of electronic laboratory notebook use highlights many advantages, not only in terms of time saving and quantifiable resources but also in terms of acceleration of R&D and quality improvement.

Robust and sustained architecture

The use of Oracle® technologies provides a robust architecture for both the database and development platform. Unlike many vendors who maintain their own applications and development platform, AgiLab has selected the rapid development web platform Oracle® Application Express (APEX). This platform is free and can be implemented in any Oracle® database. This allows AgiLab to focus on delivering new business functionality and an enhanced user experience, while the Oracle® APEX platform is maintained by Oracle® and continually evolves with new features and technical innovations.

Easy integration

AgiLab’s philosophy was to deliver a user-friendly application, with rapid performance and the most advanced ergonomics. The AgiLab Science platform does this by leveraging simple applicaton interfaces and a vocabulary that can be easily adapted to the specific needs of different laboratories. In addition, Oracle® provides free tutorials and training materials so the AgiLab Science platform can be easily adopted and maintained by the IT team.

Maintainability and continuity

Unlike many market players, AgiLab supplies its own platform and does not distribute or integrate any third party solutions. AgiLab’s experienced and accessible application consulting team provides functional and technical maintenance.

The AgiLab Science platform is continually enriched with new functionality as part of an ongoing R&D program, in addition to regular routine maintenance.