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AgiLIMS® is a Laboratory Information System (LIMS) for analysis and quality control laboratories, providing the flexibility to deliver both structured and flexible work processes as part of a fully regulated and compliant platform.

AgiLIMS® is part of the AgiLab Science platform and is easily integrated with our other specialized applications and modules.

Key features

  • Analytical requests

  • Sample workflow

  • Analytical workflow

  • Lab process

  • Results entry

  • Analysis reports

  • Data analysis

  • Localizations

  • Employee authorizations

  • Safety

  • Traceability

  • Regulatory conformity

Illustrations of AgiLIMS

A unique application for your laboratory

AgiLIMS® provides all the functionality required to fully support an integrated regulated laboratory, plus many innovative tools such as dynamic management and graphical analysis planning, processes, imports and configurable analysis results, interactive production graphs, “full text” search and interactive load plans.