AgiLab is using Oracle cloud to supply innovative applications

Oracle Cloud and tools to supply innovative applications to laboratories

AgiLab – Oracle cloud and tools for laboratories

Agilab has decided to move their LIMS solutions to Oracle cloud to help laboratories become more flexible. Customers benefit from multi-functional web applications  allowing remote access  and with modern ergonomics. This is what AgiLab, editor of the eponymous software suite, has achieved by using the Oracle Application Express (APEX) environment and the Oracle IaaS and PaaS Clouds to develop its products.



Oracle APEX is the easiest and most enduring environment

For AgiLab, Oracle APEX seemed to be the easiest and most enduring development environment. The easiest because, when prototyping, they were able to develop quickly, using minimal coding, while concentrating primarily on the functional aspects of their products. And the most enduring because APEX is delivered with the Oracle Database. Oracle Database is an established market leader, particularly in a laboratory setting.

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